Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This page is intentionally left blank.

This blog, alas this story, sprung out of a website that Ran Borgersen started years ago. He had a cute website for Heather House - a great beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware, that we shared among us for a few years. It was meant to keep the summer share schedule clear for all the house members, and to help organize the guest slots each weekend. When I took over the Heather House lease in 2004, I also took over the site.

And one day, Sean, Matt and I were sitting around the pool thinking how fun it would be if the site had a gossipy blog attached to it that told all the insane stories of what was going on that summer at the beach. And back in the city. So I just went for it and started this blog, and the stories from all our lives started to flow. Indeed, the weight of the stories started to press on the duty of updating -- some of it got intense, and everyone sort of pulled back from contributing after many bursts of some fairly brutal honesty. When I met Vini and our romance then came, I knew it was time to stop exposing myself and start focusing inward on the intimacy of my relationship. When I gave up on the writing, the story that had such momentum and foundations all its own came to an end.

I then launched this version of the blog as a very first-person account of my move, my transition to Brazil, the experience of being an ex-pat, and along the margins, some appropriate musings on my marriage. While the old Club Whirled pretty much had no boundaries whatsoever in terms of content, this new one was about my move to a new country but the driving reason behind it -- my marriage -- was off-limits. The writing completely stopped often. There's probably a lot of meaning in that.

Anyway, the marriage is over now. Hence, maybe a new set of rules should be contemplated. Maybe the story should start up again. Maybe it should have never ended.

In any case, this page is intentionally left blank, in terms of rules or continuity, to provide a buffer between what just ended, and what is about to begin.


Sean S said...

Ha... "boundaries" on the old ClubWhirled = "a couple of the names have been changed to protect the, umm, innocent".

I gotta say, I've missed it.

Lucrece said...

I've always been a fan of storytime (maybe because I'm such a bad storyteller myself).

I'm sad ( even though it makes no sense, as I was never involved in the events) that the story was continued after ending a marriage that apparently was the hiatus. Nevertheless, I look forward to reading these writings as testimonies of your lovely ability to pull through.

Until then, best of wishes.

Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry that your marriage is over. In today's world people face Cancer with a smile but are scared shitless of Committment.

I take my hat off to you. You are a ballsy brave little F---.

To leave your comfort zone, in order to follow true love. You deserve love, you have sacrificed for it.

I wish you all the best

Double T

Kevin said...

Wow... you guys are really great. Sometimes I don't know why you hang on with me. (Well, Sean excepted.)

Especially poignant from TT. Hugs.

So -- I'm still trying to figure out whither CW from here. Let's just see where it goes. Believe me - my life is ten times crazier and the stories I could tell would knock old CW on its ass. (As Sean can attest from recent witnessing.) But I dunno. I'm suddenly not comfortable with such total nudity anymore; or quer dizer, I am not into pulling down the pants of everyone around me just because mine are about my knees...

We'll see. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


Jesus Kev. Things are so bad you'd take advice from me. WOW!!!

Here goes.
Dumbass.....follow your HEART.

Answer me this, you're on your death bed. You are writing your own obit.

What's it going to say?

Double T

Lucrece said...

I wouldn't dare to make a suggestion for fear of altering what keeps me attached to this site and the writer: Kevin's own style of expression.

I doubt that the people who come here are the types that have expectations about what's written. It's that touching approach to conveying experience. It's not really made for feedback for future posts; it's a venting that despite its personal purposes exceeds that utility into a resonance with the readers.

And so long as you feel like posting, I will gladly read and cheer for you ;).

Ran said...
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Kevin said...

Thanks, Ran. It does indeed continue to be a great ride with you, too. It's been far too long as well. I wish the distance wasn't so wide.

TT: I loved your last reply to this post. Loved it. And I'm doing it.