Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How can life be what you want it to be?

Been listening to the "Celebration" album, which downloaded onto my iPhone last night.

Forgot what a brilliant song this was, and what an exquisite video she made. She was 40 years old.


Anonymous said...

Kudas on your selection of music.
I was raised in the farmlands of Iowa, I moved to Florida when I was 25. Later I had an opportunity to move to Atlanta, GA. People told me to avoid Atlanta. It was the big city, the crime, the pollution, the expense; not a place for a small town boy.
Atlanta turned out to be a great place for me. A place of comfort, a comfort I deeply needed. However comfort and growth never go hand in hand for me. They are polar opposites. The time to grow came and I left my Atlanta. I miss her charm.
The day of the interview, when I was trying to decide whether or not to move to Atlanta, I went out that night. The club was called Backstreets. The drag queen came out. A wave of emotion washed over me, to this day, I am not certain if I cried. The song was FROZEN.

Double T

Kevin said...

Beautiful story. :-)

Comfort and growth do eventually meet in the middle with time.

Ran said...

I too found this whole album resonated with me after Jeff's death. Also, for some reason for the first time in years, I listened to PInk Floyd endlessly.

Kevin said...

Double T:

I wish I knew how to reach you.

I just hope you know I appreciate your warm messages of support over the past six weeks or so.

And as you can see from recent posts, there is a happy twist on events. I just want to thank you again. It meant so much to me coming from you.